• 展示会: 第8回 DESIGN TOKYO -東京デザイン製品展-
  • ゾーン: 一般
  • 小間番号: E74-38
  • 国名: 台湾

SongYan Gallery has dedicated itself to offering opportunities for up and coming designers. There are also a space public can enjoy fresh coffee or dessert to recall old good memories of tobacco factory in Taipei. “Gong-Hao”platform, which means here is a dream place for talented designers to sell or exhibit their work. Through the cooperation to lead a new style of life.


  • DIY Fun Gift

    Fifty different kinds of wood craft choices; enjoy your fun time to create your own unique gift in a few easy steps.

  • Song Yan Funtape

    Specialty of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taiwan. All the memories of the old tobacco factory decades printed on the funtape.

  • Paper Wreath

    Do you know the language of flowers? Little daisy wreath means energetic, presenting to someone wishing them to have a good day; Vanilla wreath been p...

  • Origami

    Origami makes a plain piece of paper come alive and we love to surprise people with creativity and coveted designs.