• 展示会: 第8回 DESIGN TOKYO -東京デザイン製品展-
  • ゾーン: 一般
  • 小間番号: E74-38
  • 国名: 台湾

Mr. Sci Science Factory was created for people who love science and interesting stuff. We provide a variety of wonderful scientific products, which not only let you play with, but also make you think. Our goal is to bring something that arouse your curiosity and desire to explore. We have design team,physical stores and online shops. We're looking forward to sharing our ideas to the world.


  • Rubin Vase 3D Sticky Notes

    3 pieces set which combines the Rubin vase and human revolution. Both sides have magnet covers which can stick to each other by expanding 360. Stick o...

  • Taste Lab - Sauce Dishes

    It is fascinating that sauce shows different color saturation of different levels by depth from bottom to top.

  • Civlized Glass

    The red wine glass makes people comply with manners when they pour wine, and it is a punishment to those who drink too much!

  • Ferrofluid Magician

    Use top hat of magician to interact with ferrofluid and see them come and go freely in white sands. The nano-scale magnetic black liquid changes its s...